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Video Notice: If you see just a black screen when trying to view Live Traffic cameras, please click inside the window to get video to play. An update to certain browsers is not allowing the video to auto-play when the window opens. 

CHART Traveler Information

Photo of SHA Utility Yellow TruckCHART provides real-time information concerning travel conditions on the main roads in the primary coverage area. Traveler information focuses on planned or accidental traffic disruptions, such as accidents, chemical spills, snow, ice, floods, major special events, seasonal recreational peaks, and roadway construction. CHART uses several ways to disseminate traveler information, including:

  • Dynamic Message Signs (DMS), which are programmable message boards (permanent and portable) capable of displaying real-time traffic information to motorists.
  • Highway Advisory Radio (HAR) stations which are low power radio stations that provide information on traffic conditions and special events.
  • Commercial radio and television broadcasts - by providing accurate and timely information to commercial broadcasters, CHART reaches a wide audience of listeners and viewers.
  • Travelers can also dial 511 for the latest travel conditions